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Welcome to our prairie heritage.


We are a family-friendly community that has much to offer!

Located just 26 minutes west of Estevan, we boast a well serviced village with a friendly Community Center - including kid's playschool activities, social events and a growing hockey program.

Be sure to check out our services and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.
Thanks for visiting!

Municipal Election 2024

Considering Running for Council Watch this four part series and click the links below for more infomation.

Part One

Part Three

Part Two

Part Four

Our Recent Newsletters

Property for Sale

301 Torbay.jpg
Commercial Property
125 Devon Street 
Lot 15-17 Block 1

Residential Property
140 Devon Street 
Lot 33 Block 2

132 devon.png
Commercial Property
132 Devon Street 
Lot 29-32 & 40 Block 2

144 Devon.png
Residential Property
144 Devon Street 
Lot 34 Block 2

634 railway.png
Commercial Property
634 Railway Ave 
Lot 9-10 & 41 Block 2

hwy 30.png
Residential Property
HWY 350 
Lot 10 Block 9

110 Portland.png
Residential Property
110 Portland Street 
Lot 26-27 Block 1

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